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Paddle mixers – M series

Model ML-250 / ML-350 / ML-500

Vacuum versions ML-250 / ML-350 / ML-500

  • converging shafts

  • 1 discharge flap

  • drive from 1 motoreducer + chain drive

The automated paddle or optional spiral mixing shafts are designed for mixing and standardization of stuffings in meat, poultry, cured meat, delicatessen, fish, vegetable and fruit, confectionery, baby food, convenience food and pet food production.

Particularly proven in the production of sausage stuffing, ham stuffing, canned sausages, cured meats, both highly efficient and traditional. A wide range of applications is achieved by the appropriate design of the mixing container and paddles, placed at an appropriate angle on two shafts.

Mixers are characterized by high durability and efficiency without excessive service and maintenance costs. All sizes of mixers are designed on the basis of assumptions for high industrial applications.

Paddle mixers in vacuum version

Mixers in vacuum version with strengthened construction, available in all offered capacities. Vacuum accelerates mixing process, increasing the technological range, improves the effect of standardization, structure, appearance, colour and performance in the production of various stuffings, especially meat stuffings.

The air extraction system, located above the edge of the mixing container, is equipped with a protected suction chimney, an inspection tank, a high-quality pump, a pressure sensor and a valve system. The option of quick aeration via pneumatic valve in the lid further increases the hygiene level.

Vacuum pump can be placed inside the machine’s frame or outside, in optional stainless steel casing. The system of smooth adjustment of the mixing speeds with appropriate shape of blades or spirals allows additional tumbling of fine meats, production of coarsely grinded stuffings for obtaining ham products, such as ‘krakowska’ sausage, which require preservation of the appropriate structure. 

PLC control

PLC control enables automatic and manual operation. The mixer’s turns adjustment system controls overloading the drives. The touch screen provides visualization of operation and clear operation, administration of programing and archivisation of all parameters as well as saving of programs in steps.

As standard, each machine is equipped in a PLC control with Modbus communication. On request it is possible to additionally integrate our machines with factory systems such as Scada or MES.


  • Meat, poultry
  • Fishes
  • Cheese
  • Dania gotowe
  • Cake
  • Pet food
  • Warzywa i owoce

Technical data

Features of Ekomex mixers:

  • Robust, massive, smoothly polished construction made of stainless steel EN 1.4301.
  • Hygienic and ergonomic design provides easy operation, cleaning and maintenance.
  • High quality components

Additional equipment for paddle mixers – M series

  • Automatic water dosing system
  • Additional manual or pneumatic grating for mixing with open vacuum cover
  • Opened transparent viewer in the top vacuum cover
  • Additional two-hand operated buttons for pre-mixing product or machine cleaning with open top cover
  • Adaptation for connecting the cooling system with gas injection
  • Loading device for standard bins 200 and 300 l, with maximum payload up to 300 kg.
  • Increased height of the machine adapted for unloading into bigbox container, buffer or conveyer’s hopper
  • Integrated or free standing working platform
  • Bottom frame with weighing tensometers
  • Pneumatic unloading flap
  • Model
    ML-250 / ML-350 / ML-500
  • Volume
    250 l / 350 l / 500 l
  • Drive of mixing shafts from motoreducer
    2,2 kW / 3,0 kW / 4,0 kW
  • Max. standard payload
    70-80 %
  • Smooth adjustment of mixing shaft speeds
    5 ÷ 30 RPM
  • Opening of the top grating
    manual with the help of gas spring
  • Front discharge
    sealed discharge flap with manual lever
  • Multi-step shaft sealing system
    open revision zone
  • PLC control unit
    touch screen
  • Standard discharge height
    to 200 ltr trolley with presence sensor
  • Models in a vacuum version
    ML-250V / ML-350V / ML-500V
  • Standard vacuum pump efficiency
    20 m³/h / 40 m³/h / 40 m³/h
  • Standard tight top cover
    pneumatically opened
  • Front unloading
    sealed discharge flap pneumatically opened


  • ML-250
    A: 1640 B: 950 C: 1430 D: 1310 E: 2020 F: 740
  • ML-250V
    A: 1640 B: 1050 C: 1530 D: 1310 E: 2060 F: 740
  • ML-350
    A: 1930 B: 930 C: 1430 D: 1310 E: 1990 F: 740
  • ML-350V
    A: 1930 B: 1080 C: 1520 D: 1310 E: 2120 F: 740
  • ML-500
    A: 2160 B: 1070 C: 1560 D: 1300 E: 2230 F: 750
  • ML-500V
    A: 2280 B: 1110 C: 1640 D: 1410 E: 2330 F: 700
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