Our offer

Ekomex’s offer is dedicated to food processing plants, especially meat processing plants in the field of processing, standardization, grinding, milling, mixing, separation and automation of production and transportation of stuffing.

In addition to machinery and production solutions, we also offer advanced packaging systems on thermoforming and traysealer roller machines.

kruszarka stosow blokow mrozonych


For the grinding and cutting of frozen blocks, we produce universal large-scale mechanical and hydraulic machines that can work individually or in automated lines.

Grinders and separators

Universal machines for cutting, grinding and separating meat, dedicated to medium and large food industry, especially meat in the production of sausages (fine and coarse minced sausages, ham), fat, skins, delicatessen stuffing, pet food, ready meals, minced meat, culinary, burgers.

Loading devices

We manufacture loading systems for food processing plants, improving production logistics, significantly increasing efficiency, safety and work ergonomics.


Our offer includes mixers from smaller, simple models to the largest, highly advanced ones with a wide range of applications in the food industry.

Production lines

The machines produced by Ekomex can be combined by means of loading and transport systems, creating automatic production lines with various capacities.

Ekomex lines are adapted to the needs of meat and food processing plants from medium to large-scale industries.

masownice próżniowe


Tumblers are used primarily in the meat and poultry industries. They are adapted to intensive curing in vacuum of both large and small meat elements, as well as gentle processing of poultry elements such as wings, legs, fillets.

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